• Jacobs Burnard and Associates¬†has a knowledgeable, committed and professional pre-legal department, delivering a value add service, in a no cost manner to our clients. All functions performed by this department are a part and parcel of our normal collections service.


  • Why is a pre-legal department a necessity?¬†– In many instances it may forestall legal action, resulting in achieving the desired result at no further cost to you, our client. This ensure a smooth flow of case matters between collections and legal recoveries.


  • Preparation and forwarding of documentation beetween collectiondepartments, and the debtor, again reducing recovery costs. The department loads and monitors, debit orders, easy-pay references, credit card payment and Emolument attachment orders.


  • All documentation as required by the “National Credit Act”, the law, and the “Consumer Protection Act” are prepared by them, such as “section S129” notifications, section 58’s and 65J applications, but to name a few. These then, if prior payment payment plans are not procured, are forwarded to our legal associates. All of the above services are a no cost service to our clients.

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