Collections Process

  • Jacobs Burnard and Associates very obviously tries for full and final settlement on outstanding debt in a once off payment, however, should the debt need to be administered over a period of time, we will monitor and liaise with the debtor until the full amount has been settled. If a debtor should fail to comply with their payment arrangement, our in-house legal department are in a position to proceed with an emolument attachment order.
  • Reporting for collections - All reporting is done once a month to you on a day nominated by yourselves, typically at your month end. This allows for you to track each and every file at a glance. We have found this reporting method to be extremely useful.
  • Payments made into our bank account - All payments made by the debtor are paid into our trust account and allocated the following day.
  • Direct payments made into your bank account - Once a file has been handed over to us, very often we find that once we have made contact with the debtor, that they are motivated to pay directly into your bank account. We keep record of these payments, as we will be entitled to claim commission on all payments made direct to you once the file has been handed over.
  • Reimbursement - Normally this is done at month end. The amount collected, will be handed over to you, our client, in a format of your choice.
  • Collection fee structure - Our commission fee varies, depending on the quantity and quality of the work. There are no hidden costs. Commission is payable on positive results only.

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