An often vital, but overlooked link in the recovery chain. One of the steps in recovery of debt, that if not performed correctly, derails the process by:

Wasting time, wasting money, reducing positive results, increasing frustration levels, aging the outstanding book substantially, and turns the recovery proces into a futile exercise.

Jacobs Burnard & Associates has a large in house tracing department, utilizing the latest methodology, our own extensive database, as well as other databases sourced by ourselves. At Jacobs Burnard and Associates, there is no difference between so called "soft" and "hard" tracing.

All matters are viewed as hard, and as such, all matters are treated with the same degree of comitment. Having originally started life as a tracing company, Jacobs Burnard & Associates has had two decades to develop, fine tune and perfect its tracing techniques. This enables us to deliver current, relevant and accurate information to our clientele.

We take on tracing matters from all sectors of the market, medical, educational departments, consumer and corporate, to mention a few. All tracing is charged at a flat rate.

There is no fee payable on a negative trace. All tracing is guaranteed for a 30 day period.

Where necessary, supporting documentation is supplied. If we are doing recoveries on your book, then tracing is free of charge as a part of the service.

An absconded debtor does not have to remain a "whereabouts unknown" or "no contact details available".

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